Poppy Rose Pottery Studio & Handcrafted Gifts

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Poppy Rose Pottery Studio & Handcrafted Gifts

Located on Silver Street in the Cultural Quarter, PoppyRose is Stockton’s only pottery studio. This boutique studio, run by Louise, offers weekly pottery classes in addition to a range of unique, hand crafted gifts including her exclusive ‘Stockton map’ ceramic range.


Pottery is one of the oldest art forms and is rewarding and very therapeutic. Studies in mindfulness have shown the benefits of pottery to include an increase in wellbeing through relaxation and self-expression. 


 Join a pottery class at PoppyRose to explore your creativity in a relaxed, friendly environment. Learn new skills, make new friends and have the satisfaction of creating gorgeous pots!


Along with weekly classes Louise offers pottery taster sessions, group bookings, parties etc. Louise is consistently rated Excellent by her customers and has achieved Gold student’s choice award on Craft Courses website.  You can find more information on the pottery classes on the Craft Courses website or contact Louise direct.


As pottery is one of the more forgiving art mediums, you don’t have to be ‘arty’ to make fabulous pots!