The Green Room

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The Green Room

For a long time being vegan in Teesside could be a difficult existence, particularly when eating out, constantly scouring menus to find dishes that are vegan friendly. These days are over thanks to places like The Green Room which is a vegan bistro based in the heart of Middlesbrough which serves seriously tasty vegan food.


They offer an extensive menu including specials, which all are 100% vegan and 100% delicious. From homemade lasagne to shawarma kebabs and fajitas you will be able to find something that will hit the spot. They even serve Teesside’s very own parmo!   


Fancy a tipple? They also serve a selection of vegan wines, lagers, spirits and cocktails which are the perfect sidekick for your food.


Not a vegan? Trust us, it doesn’t matter and we guarantee you’ll love it and be back for more.