The Ship at Redmarshall

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The Ship at Redmarshall

The Ship at Redmarshall is a traditional British pub whose heritage goes all the way back to 1757 when it was originally built from the timbers of the ships that floundered off the River Tees.


Fast forward 250+ years and The Ship is at the forefront of the Teesside food scene, in particular for taking the areas beloved parmo to new heights. They have created a special parmo menu which consists of 35 different parmos taking influences from around the world, including combination you won’t find anywhere else including the Jamaican inspired Drunken Rasta parmo which involves Fruity jerk sauce with lashings of peppers and onions with a shot of rum. MUST VISIT for any pamro worshipers.


Parmos not really your thing? (it’s okay we won’t tell anyone) Have a look through their menu and it won’t take you long to find something that takes your fancy as they have something for everyone. 


They put a strong emphasis on making dishes from fresh, using locally sourced ingredients and pride themselves on serving beautiful dishes, that taste as good as they look.


P.S. It’s dog friendly so don’t forget your furry friends.