Tree Living Yoga

Tree Living Yoga

Victoria offers an authentic style of flowing yoga from the heart, teaching from the Abode yoga system and draw on inspiration from Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa and Hatha schools of yoga, I invite you to come and experience the power of yoga.

I believe in ……

The power of yoga to help you love your body
The power of food to nourish your being
The power of thought and intention to lift your mood
The power of sound to nourish your spirit
The power of you to love your being


Tree Living Yoga offers you 4 branches to grow, Yoga Teacher Trainings from Middlesbrough, Saltburn and Ibiza, Yoga classes in Saltburn and Aerial Yoga at Base Camp, Middlesbrough, Retreats themed in order to facilitate growth or private sessions.


If you’re curious come and try a free session at the August Orange Pip market 12:30 in the carpark opposite the Bedford Street Cafe.


Victoria found yoga and started her yoga journey when she was about 6 years old, captivated by a lady in an all in one blue leotard who stuck her tongue out, and bent her body like a pretzel! She loved how you could make weird shapes with your body, then in her 20s she realised there was more to yoga than just the physical and it actually helped her with exam stress, relationship breakups and backpacking! “There’s always a yoga class you can find comfort in when you’re travelling”. In her 30s she realised she waned to share this amazing feeling she got from yoga with others so she did her first teacher training in Bali, then the second in India, another in Manchester and then full circle back to Bali this time to take it to another level with Abode yoga. Now in her 40s she is teaching people to be yoga teachers.. “Wow man what a journey it’s been and my love for yoga gets stronger everyday!”