From a good ol’ mug of Yorkshire tea to the best white hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted, Off the Ground is the place to be for all you hot drink lovers, and even furthermore you can pair these with the most mouth-watering salted caramel brownies in the world (honestly, believe me on this one, this is pure fact).


The staff are an absolute ten out of bloody ten, the décor of the place is cool as f*** (paintings, sofas, glass tables, cactus plants, THE LOT) and they also play some right good music; BUT don’t panic because they have it on a very, VERY nice volume, well, low enough for me to concentrate on writing  this anyway.

Moving on, for the people that know me; or you know, those who just have me on ANY social media platform, you will understand this place is pretty much a home from home to me. I receive messages constantly telling me that I’m ‘never away from the place’.


Isn’t everyone like that with where they live though?


​Furthermore, this, what can only be described as a funky coffee shop, is perfect for any individual, male, female, those who prefer not to say, young or old, I mean apart from the fact they don’t sell gin at 9am, but that’s a whole other story. But what I’m trying to say is that this place is somewhere I know I can visit no matter how I’m feeling, I’ve been after many hospital appointments, even sometimes before, because I know the only thing that can take my mind off a nurse asking me how happy on a scale of 1-10 I am, is a cup of tea whilst listening to music, and for me, Off the Ground is where I can do so.

April 2018 was the month I discovered Off the Ground, and even though it had  been open much longer, the day I walked by, looking in I noticed a library full of book  in the back-left corner, that was when I knew this was a place to make people like  me, who are considered ‘medically unwell’, feel on top of the world… and god was I right. Peaceful, relaxing, chill, are the only words I can think of which describe the place I go  no matter how I’m feeling; anxiety levels drop rapidly and the bad thoughts disappear.


Emily is currently studying journalism at Teesside Uni and you can keep tabs on  what she is doing on Instagram @em.tyler and Twitter @emtylerjourno.